This is a promotional / marketing video I made for It was pretty challenging, especially the whole leaf animation. Everything was built from scratch (as usual ;) including the texture mapping to control going from old shrivelled leaf to the nice new glossy green one.

The leaf animation was animated in 3DS Max and exported as an animated .OBJ, then I brought that into Adobe After Effects and used Video Copilot Element 3D plugin to rebuild and add the textures which I animated in After Effects itself. Final sound production / editing and colour grading done in Adobe Première Pro.


  • 3DS MAX (3D logo model creation and keyframing / animation)
  • Adobe After Effects (Primary Compositing & Effects)
  • Adobe Premier Pro (Final editing and sound production)
  • Adobe Fireworks (2D Texture Design / Editing)
  • FilterForge (3D Texture Design / Creation)
  • Digital Juice SFX Libraries (Vol1, Vol2, Vol4)
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