Jeez, i’ve been meaning to upload this for at least a year!
This is the actual prototype build of the original design as presented here:

Please note this is currently in prototype form so this is more of a ‘Sneak Peek’ than an actual demo, i’ve got some additional plates being machined over the coming weeks but I wanted to get this up there now so you can see how it’s coming along.

More than 400 well thought out parts come together to make up the perfect balance of speed, strength and reliability. This FPV Antenna Tracker has been custom designed for the ultimate in performance and maintenance free operation.

The next parts to the project that I upload will highlight some of the design features and how they benefit us as Long Range FPV’ers :)

Excuse the ‘floppy’ tripod, it’s the chunkiest i’ve managed to find so far but pegged tethers would show off the absolutely solid & responsive nature of this beast! ;)

For more information about Antenna Diversity Systems, or Antenna Polarization principles, please see my Video Entitled “Antennas 101 – Polarization, Diversity & Gain Patterns”:

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Here’s another one of my FPV Pan / Tilt designs for use with my FPV Twinstar:

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