This is my original design for an FPV Antenna Tracker that will be able to handle swinging 2 x 15dBi Yagi antennas around (easily). I’m still finalising the design so it’s all just in 3D at the moment. 3D Done in eRain Swift3D and 2D mesh creation using Adobe Flash.

For more information about Antenna Diversity Systems, or Antenna Polarization and other terms as used in the video, see my Video Entitled “Antennas 101 – Polarization, Diversity & Gain Patterns”:

See my design for a small CCD Pan & Tilt that I made for my Helicopter:

Here’s another one of my FPV Pan / Tilt designs for use with my FPV Twinstar:

This is one of my designs for a GoPro sized FPV Gimbal:

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