Website Design Services

I designed my first website way back in the late 1990’s.

This was back in the days of AOL dial-up internet, Netscape browsers and at a time before even Google existed!
I have since innovated many new online technologies & designed hundreds of websites – a few of which have even won global awards.

This portfolio represents just a small selection of Websites I have designed over the years.



Designed using WordPress, this latest version was a complete overhaul with a totally new direction. Previous versions of the website focused on my service offerings of the business. I designed this new version more around my personal Portfolios of work.

My reasoning behind WordPress was so that I could take advantage of the blogging platform. My clients come from all over the world & many have never met me in person. I wanted to add a blog so that they could find out a little more about me.

Over the years I have become proficient in all essential Website Development disciplines:

  • HTML Website Design
  • Flash Website Design
  • WordPress Website Design
  • Mobile / Responsive Websites
  • CRM / Database Engineering
  • User Interface Design UI/UX
  • Information Architecture
  • Graphic Design & Typography
  • Content / Copy Writing
  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO
  • Social Media & PPC Campaigns
  • Hosting & Domain Management

Joop Media

Marketing / Media Production

The Joop Media website was proudly nominated for several awards and attracted a great amount of attention on its launch.


A diverse selection of my designs from over the years


The Andology Corporation is a complete business solutions provider.
We have the tools, the talent, AND the knowledge to β€˜bring your brand to life’ & set YOU apart from the competition.

Add a friendly new layer to your existing website & bring it to life!

Deliver your key sales messages quickly & effectively with a professionally produced website presenter.


Website Video Presenters

Watch this video to see how I use website presenters to bring your website to life and deliver your key sales messages.


CRM / CMS Solutions

Using PHP / MySQL

I have engineered many custom Content Management Systems (CMS) & Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions.

I also build interfaces to connect to existing website data structures.

…Lots more to be added…

Need an experienced website designer?