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Learn how to prepare for the coming COVID-19 Outbreak in YOUR area! If the Corona Virus doesn’t affect you right away, the potential for economic collapse could!

I designed this latest Corona Virus Pandemic Preparedness Pack to offer those who are not familiar with preparedness techniques to get an understanding of the kind of things we need to be thinking about.

Please watch the walkthrough video on this page for a complete look at all of the items as I share my thoughts on the CoVID-19 Virus Pandemic Preparedness Pack


File Size: 12MB
  • Highly Insightful & Educational
  • Critical Items List
  • Virus Health & Hygiene
  • First Aid Kit List
  • Off-Grid Power: How To
  • Tactical / Protection List
  • Education & Knowledge
  • Virus Protection: Immune System Enhancements
  • More!…
Corona Virus COVID19 Pandemic Preparedness Pack - Protect yourself by being prepared for the Corona Virus Outbreak! FREE Downalod!

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⚠️ Corona Virus – Pandemic Preparedness Pack

Follow along with me as I go through my latest FREE creation for you!

I designed this Pandemic Preparedness Pack to be as organised and as packed full of preparedness information as possible. I have even included a full off-grid power system overview.

First aid kit pack lists, protection / tactical item lists and more! Don’t miss my LIVE videos too where I discuss all kinds of prepping ideas, in addition to performing Corona Virus Outbreak Spreading Predictions using my Corona Virus Prediction Tool!

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Thank You – Stay safe, God Speed. More coming soon…


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The Pandemic Preparedness Pack that Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

COVID19 Pandemic Preparedness Pack Brochure Prepper List Corona Virus Outbreak

Optimised for Tablets!

COVID19 Pandemic Preparedness Pack Corona Virus Prepping Interactive File

Fully Interactive!

If you open the Corona Virus Pandemic Preparedness Pack in Microsoft Edge browser (PC) or the Adobe Acrobat App on your iPad or other Tablet, you will have full interactivity! You can select the tick boxes throughout the preparedness list and even save your progress for later! All menu / contents sections are linked for your convenience, just click to jump directly to that section.


Why did you build

the CoVID-19 Virus Prediction Tool?

Andy Lawson (Andology)

Unfortunately, I was one of the first businesses effected by the Corona Virus (outside of China). I was working on a prototyping project with a client in China and since early January, I’ve heard nothing from them.

I’ve been unable to contact them and overdue invoices have remained unpaid for months. This has resulted in a cascade of worrying cash-flow issues for me (Andology) and my family.

In my desperate pursuit to find out exactly what’d happened over there in China, I’d discovered about the Corona virus outbreak. This was back in the beginning of January, way before it was being talked about in the news.

After living in Thailand during the SARS crisis back in 2003, I’d already learnt how dangerous these types of viruses could be. I’d also developed an interest in the mechanics of how they spread so rapidly.

I had the perfect melting pot of analytical, engineering and programming expertise, along with a bunch of passion and a sprinkle of unexpected time on my hands.

“I used that time wisely and set about developing the first open source Virus Prediction Tool.”
“I was immediately shocked by what I saw. I refused to believe it!”

I immediately ran the numbers through my Virus Prediction tool and at first, I refused to believe it! I double checked, triple checked and went back through all of the algorithms before finally accepting the harsh reality… it was bad… really bad!

It became critical that my friends and family understood the REAL threat of this ‘newly’ named CoVID-19 Virus. It’s fair to say the Corona Virus is a clear and present threat to all of our nations and to humanity as a whole.

I created this Virus Prediction Tool to educate and to bring this information to as many people as possible. I gently encourage you to take action now, while things are relatively ’normal’. It won’t be this normal again for some time.

Preparing now will maximise your comfort, health and prosperity through this difficult time we will all face very soon.

“Don’t take my word for it!”
  • Download the CoVID-19 Virus Prediction Tool COMPLETELY FREE!
  • Run the official virus data for your own country or area
  • See for yourself how little time we have left to take orderly action!

Please help ‘little me’ to spread the word as far and wide as possible. Help me to encourage your friends and loved ones to act now, and not wait until it’s too late.

If you would like to see this project continue to help and prepare others, please consider making a small donation. Even the price of a packet of rice would be very much appreciated!

Thank you so much for your support, keep up to date with me and stay safe out there! 🙏❤️




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