Alienware Area 51m – SHIPPED!

I Review the Alienware Area 51m Options on the website – They can be confusing, I show you what I’ve ordered, why, & how I got such a CRAZY DISCOUNT DEAL!

I take you step by step through all the specifications for the Area 51m on the website, and show you some hidden info I found!

Also, I let you into how I managed to get more than $500 discount from the RRP – Don’t miss!!

Don’t miss some KEY information regarding the RTX 2060 , RTX 2070, RTX 2080 Graphics Card options and how it can effect you later when you want to upgrade!!

Check out the NEW Alienware Area 51m Gaming Laptop HERE:

The Alienware Area 51m is newly released earlier in 2019 at CES. It’s Alienware’s newest ‘Desktop Replacement’ Gaming Laptop for 2019.

Follow my story to find out!!!

See the next video in the series:

Area 51m REVIEW UNBOXING 1st Look @ Alienware Best Gaming Laptop 2019?

👽 Area 51m Gaming Laptop Review & Unboxing Pt.1




  • 3DS MAX (Main 3D Logo model creation)
  • Adobe After Effects (Primary Compositing & Effects / Camera moves)
  • VC Element 3D (AE Plugin to texture / animate logo and text objects)
  • VC Optical Flares (AE Plugin for lens flare effects & animations – w/ProPresets)
  • Adobe Premier Pro (Final editing and sound production)
  • Digital Juice SFX Libraries (Vol 1,2,3,4)
  • Digital Juice Stack Traxx

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