“To travel 10,000 miles is to gain more knowledge than that of reading 10,000 books”

(Chinese Proverb)


I have visited more than 30 countries, and I’ve lived and built successful businesses in several of them too.

I’ve subsequently developed a unique, global melting pot of business knowledge & life experiences.

After gaining the collective insights from literally thousands of business leaders from all over the world – you can now benefit from my valuable knowledge & experience…

“I provide comprehensive Sales & Marketing business solutions, combined with Technology & Innovation based consultancy. I help those starting at the ideas stage of their business plan, right through to established SME’s on their quest for market leadership.”

Andy Lawson (Andology)



Business Strategy & Consultancy


Direct / Executive Sales


Branding, Marketing & Advertising


Product Design & Innovation / Prototyping


Website & Graphic Design


UI / UX Design


3D Design & Motion Graphics


Video Production / Cinematography


Computer Programming / Coding


Electronics & Engineering


Best-in-breed training

I have worked in high level roles for many large National & International organisations. I’m fortunate to have received some of the most exclusive & comprehensive training available.

*Primary training topics have included: I.T, Sales, Marketing + general business / executive related subjects


The best way to find out more about me is through my work. I have a collection of portfolios broken down into several diverse categories.


Sales & Marketing

The majority of my working life has involved just about all disciplines of sales and marketing expertise. I’m highly experienced in all forms and at all levels of direct / consultative sales, and all forms of marketing. I’ve benefited from some of the best in breed training throughout my career.


I love seeking out new challenges and new opportunities to innovate, create, and personally grow. Having built more than 10 businesses around the world, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing an opportunity, developing a plan, implementing it, and achieving a successful outcome.

Electronics & Engineering

I have a formal background in electronic & robotic engineering. I’ve designed & built thousands of electronic circuits, designed / machined & built robotic arm mechanics from scratch, and even brought products to market over the years.

Website & Graphic Design

I designed my first website way back in the late 90’s – back in the days of dial-up internet and AOL, and at a time before Google existed! Since then, I’ve innovated many new online technologies, designed hundreds of websites (many of them award winning) and built / developed and grown hundreds of global brands from the ground up.

Computer Programming

Since my days of Binary electronics and electronic engineering, I’ve learnt to build sophisticated programmes, engineered multiple CRM solutions, and developed digital electronics running hundreds of thousands of lines of code. I’m proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, PBASIC, C++, PHP, MySQL and more.

Video Production

Video & film is a great passion of mine. I perform a wide range of professional video production techniques such as cinematography, 3D motion graphics, Special Effects together with script writing and audio production. I’m also an awarded stock contributor to both Getty Images and iStockPhoto.

RC FPV Building & Flying

Since the age of about 9 years old I’ve been heavily involved in the RC hobby, from cars, to helicopters, boats, quadcopters and super-fast jets, I’ve built and flown / raced them all. I’ve been flying professionally as a UAV / drone pilot since 2004 and a BMFA member since the 90’s.

Bushcraft & Survival

I’m a big lover of nature. As I am around ‘Technology’ so much, I find that getting out into the wild is the perfect escape, plus, survival skills are incredibly important – now more so than ever. There’s nothing more satisfying than being out in the middle of the woods with a few friends and an open fire.

Global Economics & Politics

I’ve lived in many different countries around the world, and discovered many unique cultures, political landscapes and economies that have given me great insight and knowledge over the years. I’ve been a special guest on talk shows, and even been part of well respected ‘think tank’ groups discussing all things global economics & politics.

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