Here’s a Logo Intro Animation I made for one of my clients (I built their website too by the way) ;)
Due to time constraints the bird flight animation was bought as a stock element and then modified, re-animated and combined into the sequence with the entire scene being built in 3D.

Sound production took a while to get the right look/feel to it but I was happy with the final results.

This is now part of a big marketing campaign for my clients for a video competition that’s run and a winner is selected each month.


  • 3DS MAX (Primary Logo modelling and keyframing / animation)
  • Adobe After Effects (Primary Compositing & Effects)
  • Red Giant Particular (Bird Particle effect)
  • VC Element 3D (AE Plugin to texture / animate 3D in AE Environment)
  • VC Optical Flares (AE Plugin for lens flare effects & animations – w/ProPresets)
  • Adobe Premier Pro (Final editing and sound production)
  • Magic Bullet Looks (Final Colour Grading & Effects)
  • Adobe Fireworks (2D Texture Design / Editing)
  • FilterForge (3D Texture Design / Creation)
  • Digital Juice SFX Libraries (Vol1 – Vol4)
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